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Real world user acquisition for Web3 protocols
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Welcome to Monstrè

We began as an animal-friendly NFT initiative, striving to advocate for animal protection and raise awareness of animal shelters. However, we quickly discerned the intimidating nature of the Web3 onboarding process. This realization propelled us to partake in The Solana Summer Camp Hackathon to tackle this user experience issue.
Our solution was the Monstrè Gift Card, an innovation aimed at seamlessly bridging the gap between on-chain and off-chain assets. This simple tool made the crypto space as accessible as a tap on a gift card, helping usher more people into the blockchain revolution.
Yet, we didn't stop there. We recognized the persistent challenges faced by users when downloading a web3 wallet and learning about security. Hence, we introduced customizable postcards, each tied to a unique art piece by an individual artist.
Even as this piqued interest, we believed we could do more. Therefore, we iterated our approach with a series of tap-to features, such as tap-to-pay, tap-to-swap, tap-to-airdrop/deposit, tap-to-mint, and tap-to-tip.
Throughout this process, we realized the need for a core product - one that embodied our identity and showcased our offerings. Hence, we launched Monstre Playbands, the perfect medium for organizations and events seeking to digitalize and introduce web3 experiences seamlessly.
Welcome to Monstre, where we simplify the transition from Web2 to Web3. Together, let's usher in the blockchain revolution. Join us as we simplify the journey to Web3, one tap at a time.
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