Proof of Talk Summit

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Proof of Talk [2024]

Event Location: Louvre Palace, Paris

Welcome to Proof of Talk Summit!

​Welcome to Proof of Talk! We're thrilled to see you at Proof of Talk at the Louvre Palace in Paris! Upon entry, you will receive your Proof of Talk - Venta Playbands. Our goal is to ensure you have the smoothest experience paying with crypto through our Tap-to-Pay integrations throughout the venue.

We'll help you discover all the essentials about these Proof of Talk - Venta Playbands as you redeem your first complimentary cup of coffee by Raposa to power through the day!

Got a minute? Here's the TLDR for you!

Step 1: Grab your Proof of Talk - Venta Playbands at Event Venue during Check-In.

Step 2: Your Proof of Talk Playbands are already loaded with a digital collectible (an NFT), allowing you to claim a complimentary coffee at the Raposa Coffee Kiosk. Do note that the NFT in your Proof of Talk - Venta Playbands permits you to claim one complimentary coffee.

You also have the option to top up your playbands with USDC to get more coffee! You can do this via a Solana wallet. Top up as needed and reload if necessary!

Self-custody is available anytime during the event. However, please do take care of your Proof of Talk playbands, as the team will not be responsible for any lost playbands and will not be able to refund any USDC from lost playbands.

Step 3: With your Proof of Talk playband in hand, you're now ready to conquer the event caffeinated! There will be two Raposa coffee kiosks where you can use your playbands, see the USDC deducted, and bask in the Tap-to-Pay experience!

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Enjoy the Event!

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