Onboarding with Elusiv [2023]

Introducing Elusiv, a protocol on Solana that's dedicated and on a mission to enhance privacy and security for its users.

Enhancing Privacy Payments with Elusiv on Solana:

We embarked on an exciting venture with Elusiv, a privacy protocol on Solana, aiming to revolutionize the way users and community members experience privacy payments. Our journey took us from the bustling streets of NYC to the vibrant tech scene in Berlin, where we introduced a specially designed web-app to facilitate secure and private transactions.

Our Web-App: A Gateway to Privacy Payments

Our web-app offered users three innovative features: top-up, send, and turbo mode, each designed to enhance the privacy of their transactions.

  • Top-Up: Users could easily top up their private balance from their preferred wallet, seamlessly transferring funds into a secure space.

  • Send: This feature allowed for the discreet sending of funds from the topped-up private balance to any wallet address, all while maintaining anonymity through Elusiv's technology.

  • Turbo Mode: Integrating with TipLink, a browser wallet accessible via Gmail sign-in, turbo mode provided a unique way to transfer funds. Users could select a token, execute a transaction, and then our system, powered by Elusiv, would re-issue these funds through a TipLink, making it accessible for anyone to claim.

Learning and Adapting: Our Onboarding Experience

Our first round of onboarding took place at the NY Hackerhouse, where the complexities of our build presented challenges. We learned that the platform wasn't as user-friendly as we had hoped, especially for mobile users who represent the majority of event attendees.

Armed with these insights, we made significant improvements for our next stop: the Berlin Hackerhouse. Here, we streamlined the onboarding process by utilizing QR codes displayed on acrylic stands. This small change made a big difference, allowing attendees to easily access our web-app without manually entering a URL. The experience was further enhanced by a collaboration with the Elusiv team, where we distributed free Elusiv umbrellas, tying the activation together and leaving a memorable impression on participants.

Conclusion: Growing with Each Step

Our journey with Elusiv from NYC to Berlin was a profound learning experience. We not only introduced a novel way to interact with privacy payments but also adapted and improved our approach based on real-world feedback. The successful onboarding in Berlin, marked by an improved user experience and creative collaborations, showcased the potential of privacy-focused transactions in the Solana ecosystem. As we continue to innovate and refine our solutions, we look forward to further empowering our community with secure and private payment options.

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