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An internet streetwear cult by LitecoinYagami 🫧📌

Bad Environment Club is not just an NFT community; it's a movement, backed by some of the most brilliant and innovative minds in the field, including founders Litecoin and Shaifer. Known for their keen design sensibility, they've carved a unique space within the digital realm.

The ethos behind Bad Environment Club and their distinct approach can be understood in depth here - Understanding BAD's Vision.

Our collaboration with Bad Environment Club has been both rewarding and long-standing, kicking off with their inaugural "Trash Tee" streetwear collection. This line, including t-shirts and hoodies, cleverly critiques and commemorates the NFT community by minting 'trash' NFTs as digital collectibles. Explore Bad Environment Club's cutting-edge streetwear designs here -

Together with BAD, we're venturing into the new frontiers of the Digital Age. As the world embraces digital transformation, the potential in digital collectibles - spanning art, video games, and notably, fashion - is vast and largely untapped. The intersection of fashion with Web3, augmented reality, and especially the integration of NFC chips into tangible garments presents an unprecedented opportunity to redefine interaction and engagement within the digital space. For a deeper dive into how fashion is evolving in the Web3 era, click below.

So far, we've launched three successful drops with BAD. These collaborations allow consumers to authenticate their purchase simply by tapping an NFC chip embedded in the fabric, instantly unlocking a corresponding digital collectible.

The three collections we've introduced are:

  • The Trash Tee Collection: Highlighting our initial foray into blending streetwear with digital collectibles. Trash Tee, Yellow Cross Tee

  • The SBF Collection Tees: A timely and thought-provoking series. FTX x BAD Tee

  • The Monke Music x BAD Collection Hoodies: A fusion of music and fashion in the digital age. BAD Music Hoodie.

We're thrilled to continue this journey into the digital and 'phygital' realms with Bad Environment Club, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for what's possible in fashion and digital collectibles.

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