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1. How to cash out your USDC in Amsterdam

This is how you can do a MoneyGram transaction with the Decaf Wallet: How to withdraw your USDC with cash in the Decaf Wallet

  1. Open your Decaf Wallet app and click “Withdraw” on your Cash Account.

  2. Select “Withdraw cash at MoneyGram” as your withdrawal method. Enter your country location and the amount of USDC you wish to withdraw.

  3. Confirm the transaction details and submit to send the USDC to MoneyGram.

  4. You will be assigned a reference number from Decaf Wallet.

  5. Go to the designated MoneyGram location and provide your ID and reference number to pick up your cash.

  1. Tabac speciaal zaak Supermarkt Yenba -

  2. Tabaksspeciaalzaak Maikel Groenteman -

3. How to find MoneyGram Locations You can use the locator within the Decaf App, or you can go here: You can also search “MoneyGram” into Google maps (sometimes it doesn’t pick up all MoneyGram locations).

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