Web3Chill [2023]

A partnership activation between Gen3, BONK, TaZhiDAO and other Solana ecosystems teams based in Taipei.

Celebrating Our Groundbreaking Web3 Event with BONK

We're thrilled to share the highlights from our inaugural Web3 event, an electrifying experience powered by our innovative Playbands, in collaboration with BONK. Following our engaging sessions at the Taipei hacker houses, we joined forces with the BONK team to create specialized, BONK-themed Playbands, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

The BONK Playbands Experience

These exclusive Playbands, a blend of style and technology, came pre-loaded with 88 $BONK, offering attendees a unique way to immerse themselves in the event. Participants enjoyed the freedom to use their $BONK on a variety of offerings, including food and beverages, and exclusive BONK merchandise such as caps and t-shirts, making the event not just a gathering but a memorable experience.

A Collaborative Effort

This event was a testament to the power of collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem. Alongside the BONK team, we were supported by an array of Solana-based projects and teams, including:

  • TaZhiDao: A community dedicated to empowering women in Taiwan through blockchain education and support.

  • Sleek: Innovators of NFC-enabled social features that enhance connectivity at events.

  • Trading Train: A trading platform leveraging Solana's technology.

  • Gen3Network: Specialists in Web3 event management and marketing.

  • MonkeDAO and many others who share our vision for the future of Web3.

Event Highlights

  • Total Transactions: An impressive count of 239 transactions.

  • $BONK Utilization: A total of 4780 $BONK spent by attendees on various event perks.

  • Event Timing: The first transaction was recorded at 5:40 PM, with the final one at 9:20 PM, showcasing a successful operational window.

  • Peak Activity: The event hit its peak between 8:20 PM and 9:20 PM, witnessing 41% of the day’s transactions, highlighting a momentous hour of engagement and activity.

The Power of Speed and Connectivity

The event brilliantly demonstrated the efficiency of Solana and Solana Pay, with merchandise and refreshments being claimed at an average pace of 1.07 transactions per minute. This remarkable speed—roughly one transaction every 56 seconds—underscores the potential of NFC and Web3 technology in transforming real-world interactions and transactions.

Looking Forward

This event was more than just a gathering; it was a showcase of the future, where events are powered by the seamless integration of technology like our Monstrè Playbands. With a simple tap, attendees could engage in an immersive experience, setting a new standard for event interactions.

Stay tuned for more events that promise not just moments, but memories, powered by the innovative fusion of NFC and Web3 technology. The future of events is here, and it’s more exciting than ever. Join us as we continue to explore and expand the horizons of what's possible.

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