Dubai HackerHouse

15 - 16 April 2024

Got a minute?

Heading to the Dubai Hackerhouse?

Here's the TLDR for our Venta Playbands at the Dubai HackerHouse - because we know you're itching to start!

Step 1:

Grab your Venta Playbands and your Dubai HackerHouse Lanyards at Event Venue during Check-In.

Step 2:

To see what's on your Venta Playbands, just enable NFC on your phone and tap it on the 'Tap Here' area. A web-app/browser will appear!

We've added an exclusive 'Dubai Special Edition' Event SOAP into the Venta Playbands for the upcoming Solana HackerHouse in Dubai. This allows you to claim free merchandise from our ecosystem teams during the event!

If you're interested in claiming free merchandise from various ecosystem teams, you'll need the Venta Playbands.

If your Playbands are currently empty, there's no need to worry! At the moment, the Venta Playbands have been optimized primarily for redeeming merchandise at the Dubai HackerHouse. The payment features of the Venta Playbands are not currently activated for use at the Dubai HackerHouse. The transaction costs are covered by the Venta POS (Point of Sale). All you need to do is tap your Venta Playbands on the NFC reader at the merch stand in the Dubai HackerHouse. This action facilitates a transaction that allows you to claim your free merchandise via your event soap [A Dubai HackerHouse exlcusive digital collectible].

Step 3:

Alright, time to unleash the shopaholic in you! With your Venta playbands in hand, it is time to claim some merchandise at the Dubai HackerHouse.

Got questions? Do check out our FAQ Section.

Have fun, monstres!

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