Selecta Smart Fridges

Using the Selecta Smart Fridges with Venta Playbands

Noticed the Selecta Smart Fridges throughout the venue? Here's how to use them with your Venta Playbands:

  1. Tap to Open: To access the fridge's contents, tap your Venta Playband on the NFC reader of the fridge. Please ensure that you have enough funds on your Venta Playbands ~21.50 USDC (minimally 20 EURO) to access the fridge!

  2. Follow On-Screen Instructions: The Venta display will guide you step by step.

  3. Automatic Item Detection: The fridge's sensors will identify the items you've chosen and display the total cost.

  4. Confirm Payment: Finalize your purchase on the Selecta display screen.

  5. Receipt Options: Choose to receive a receipt by entering your email, or skip this step using options on your phone.

Enjoy your snacks and drinks!

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