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Q: How can I top up USDC into my Solana Summit Playbands? A: We are not activating USDC into the playbands for the Solana Summit. For any USDC purchases, please use your Solana Mobile Wallet. If you do not own a Solana Mobile Wallet or USDC, check out Getting Your First Solana Mobile (Web3) Wallet and On-Ramping USDC for more information.

Q: I am not able to log into the Solana Summit Web-App. A: Ensure you are an approved event attendee via Luma and use the same email address you registered with on Luma. An OTP will be sent to this email, and you will need to enter the 4-digit OTP into the web-app.

Q: I have no more coffee or merch tokens, where can I get more? A: Each attendee is entitled to 3 complimentary drinks and 1 complimentary merch redemption. You can buy additional coffee and Milo options from the barista at $0.69 USDC per cup.

Q: Can I get more free merchandise during the event if I'm out of merch tokens for redemption? A: If your playband is out of merch tokens, you may not get more merchandise at the booth. However, you can try the sponsor booths or visit the merch store on the last day of the event.

Q: I only have access to certain quests cards. Is there a bug? A: No, it's not a bug. Quest cards are released periodically each day to encourage attendees to interact with ecosystem teams and visit sponsors' booths.

Q: Where can I find the event schedule for Solana Summit? A: Event Schedule can be found in the web-app, at a tab at the bottom of the web-app. you may refer to the image below for a better reference.

Q: Where can i find the list of side events at Solana Summit? A: Check out Solana Summit's Twitter account for updates. Alternatively, you can refer to the list of side events here.

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