Dubai HackerHouse

Introducing the BONK Medallions!

Check out our latest activation from Dubai featuring the BONK Medallions! These NFC-integrated cards are a collaborative effort between Monstre and the BONK team. A golden medallion print and paired with a matching lanyard, these cards are the new must-have at Solana events, such as HackerHouses and any of BONK’s side events.

Simply tap the medallions with your smartphone to access a special BONK-themed web-app that we've developed. This app allows you to withdraw locked Bonk, generously sponsored by BONK and secured by Armadafi. Once withdrawn, your BONK will automatically be locked with Armadafi for six months, enhancing security and value.

You can view your BONK rewards directly through the web-app or by visiting Keep an eye out for the BONK team at upcoming events and seize the opportunity to secure your own locked BONK!

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