Berlin HackerHouse [2023]

A partnership activation with Superteam Germany, Decaf, Samoyedcoin and EUROe at the Berlin Hackerhouse.

Berlin Hackerhouse Activation Overview

Our first European activation took place at the Berlin Hackerhouse, a milestone event supported by Solana and Solana Hackerhouses. We powered up the POS system in partnership with Decaf, Samoyedcoin, and Euroe, offering these as rewards for coffee and merchandise transactions.

The event saw a vibrant marketplace with numerous ecosystem teams like Euroe, StonedApeCrew, Elusiv, Monstre, Hedgehog Polls, MonkDAO, Ultimate Wallet, Superteam UK, and Superteam Germany, all selling their unique merch.

A notable highlight was integrating a local boba merchant into our ecosystem, enabling her to accept EUROe and SOL payments, catering to the cashless preferences of Hackerhouse attendees.

Additionally, we introduced an innovative onboarding session for those interested in Elusiv's umbrellas. Elusiv, a Solana-based privacy protocol, facilitated private transactions through a custom web UI. This system allowed attendees to transfer funds from their hot wallets into a private pool, creating a secure, privacy-focused wallet for purchases.

This Berlin Hackerhouse activation not only showcased our technological advancements but also highlighted the collaborative spirit within the Solana ecosystem, paving the way for future integrations and activations.

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