Future of Blockchain Event [2023]

A partnership activation between Samoyedcoin, UpsideDAO, Solana Foundation, Solana Australia, Venta and other Solana ecosystem teams based in Australia.

In 2023, we brought the future of blockchain to life in Melbourne with an unforgettable event co-hosted by Upside—a Web3 community and investment fund—and Samoyedcoin. This gathering was organized by two of the most dynamic teams within the Solana ecosystem in Melbourne, Australia. We were proud to collaborate with a stellar lineup of partners, including the Solana Foundation, Venta, and Solana Australia, among others.

Future of Blockchain Event was more than just a meeting of minds; it was a breeding ground for innovation and education in the blockchain space. Our unique activation featured a digital bingo card, created in partnership with the Samoyedcoin team, designed to facilitate interaction among attendees. This wasn't just any bingo; it was a gateway to learning and engagement within the Solana ecosystem. Participants had the chance to connect with each other, find matching numbers, and win exclusive Samoyedcoin rewards, making it an ideal tool for both onboarding and education.

This event underscored our commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to enhance community engagement and education within the blockchain sector. It's a testament to our belief in the transformative power of technology and the potential of the Solana ecosystem.

For more details on the event and our role in it, check out Upside's Announcement below.

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