Interacting with the NFC on Your Venta Playbands Using Your Phone

Simply 'tap' your Venta Playbands onto your smartphone and select the prompt to access our custom built Venta Web-App. This app is your gateway to Solana Pay and all Playband-related features. Easily top up funds via our Unlimit partnership, allowing debit and credit card purchases of USDC directly to your bands.

Alternatively, self top-up with your desired USDC amount can also be done from your web3 wallet for event spending. These Playbands can be used for tap-to-pay with Solana Pay at the Selecta Smart Fridges around the Breakpoint venue and are integrated with our POS [Point of Sale] at the barista kiosks and the community basecamp for Solana merchandise.

For iPhones:

For iPhones, the NFC touchpoint is typically located at the top-back of the device. For models iPhone XS and newer, the entire back of the phone can be used, but aligning the top edge of your iPhone with the NFC tag will yield the best results.

For Androids:

For Android devices, the NFC touchpoint can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. However, it is commonly found either in the center of the back of the device or near the top edge. It’s recommended to refer to the device's manual or perform a quick online search for the specific model to determine the exact location of the NFC touchpoint.

To utilise NFC functionalities, ensure that NFC is enabled in your device's settings. Keep in mind that the location of the NFC touchpoint may vary depending on specific phone models and manufacturers, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the user manual or look up the information online for precise details.

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