Solana Breakpoint [2023]

Event Location: Amsterdam

Welcome to Breakpoint!

Welcome to Breakpoint! We're thrilled to see you at Breakpoint in Amsterdam, sporting our Venta Playbands! Our goal is to ensure you have the smoothest experience paying with crypto through our Tap-to-Pay integrations throughout the venue. On this page, you'll discover all the essentials about these Venta Playbands and everything else crucial to your Breakpoint experience.

Got a minute? Here's the TLDR for our Venta Playbands - because we know you're itching to start!

Step 1:

Grab your Venta Playbands and Breakpoint Lanyards at Event Venue during Check-In.

Step 2:

Uh-oh, your Playbands are feeling a bit empty. No worries! Fuel them up by purchasing USDC with your debit/credit card via our Unlimit option. Already got some USDC in your Web3 wallet? Simply deposit them into your Playbands using that handy QR code.

Top up as needed and reload if necessary! Remember, the option to self-custody funds in your Venta Playbands will be available on the last day of Breakpoint.

Step 3:

Alright, time to unleash the shopaholic in you! With your playband in hand, you're geared up to indulge in everything the event offers. From coffees at the baristas to a quick snack at Selecta Smart Fridges, or that must-have merch at Basecamp - a simple tap does the trick. Use it at any point of sale, see the USDC deducted, and bask in the shopping fun!

Got questions? Swing by any of our Venta Help Desks spread across the venue! For precise locations, simply refer to our onsite Playbands assistance spots. See you there!

Introducing Venta Playbands: A blend of user-friendly and advanced tech for all digital explorers. Elevate event experiences with futuristic interactions.

From smart fridges to community basecamp - enjoy seamless payment interactions. Playbands transform complex tech into accessible solutions. Tap into innovation and experience the future with Monstrè!

For all Breakpoint attendees, pick up your instruction cards, Breakpoint lanyards, and Venta Playbands at the registration area during the event. If this is your first Web3 event or you're new to crypto payments, fear not! Our Venta helpdesk is right around the corner to address any questions.

Trust us, your Venta Playband is the only accessory you'll need for the event!

Tap your Venta Playbands to your smartphone to access the Venta Web-App, your hub for Solana Pay and Playband features. Top up funds easily with our Unlimit partnership, using debit or credit cards to buy USDC directly to your bands

To utilise NFC functionalities, ensure that NFC is enabled in your device's settings. Keep in mind that the location of the NFC touchpoint may vary depending on specific phone models and manufacturers, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the user manual or look up the information online for precise details.

At Monstrè, we've teamed up with Unlimit for a seamless checkout via Venta Playbands. Tap your Playband on your phone to view your USDC balance, other tokens, and event-collected NFTs. With Unlimit and Circle, you can use your debit or credit cards to load USDC onto your Playbands.

Top up as needed and reload if necessary! Remember, the option to self-custody funds in your Venta Playbands will be available on the last day of Breakpoint.

Experience seamless transactions with Venta, a breakthrough in POS solutions tailored for all blockchain users. Discover Solana Pay, fast and low-fee payment system built on the Solana blockchain. With the Venta Playbands, equipped with our tap-to-pay technology, we are simplifying your purchase experience everywhere - from Selecta Smart Fridges to Baristas to the merchandise booth ar Community Basecamp!

Dive into hassle-free and enjoyable interactions with Venta!

Using the Selecta Smart Fridges with Venta Playbands

Noticed the Selecta Smart Fridges throughout the venue? Here's how to use them with your Venta Playbands:

  1. Tap to Open: To access the fridge's contents, tap your Venta Playband on the NFC reader of the fridge. Please ensure that you have enough funds on your Venta Playbands ~21.50 USDC (minimally 20 EURO) to access the fridge!

  2. Follow On-Screen Instructions: The Venta display will guide you step by step.

  3. Automatic Item Detection: The fridge's sensors will identify the items you've chosen and display the total cost.

  4. Confirm Payment: Finalize your purchase on the Selecta display screen.

  5. Receipt Options: Choose to receive a receipt by entering your email, or skip this step using options on your phone.

Enjoy your snacks and drinks!

This is how you can do a MoneyGram transaction with the Decaf Wallet: How to withdraw your USDC with cash in the Decaf Wallet

  1. Open your Decaf Wallet app and click “Withdraw” on your Cash Account.

  2. Select “Withdraw cash at MoneyGram” as your withdrawal method. Enter your country location and the amount of USDC you wish to withdraw.

  3. Confirm the transaction details and submit to send the USDC to MoneyGram.

  4. You will be assigned a reference number from Decaf Wallet.

  5. Go to the designated MoneyGram location and provide your ID and reference number to pick up your cash.

Not sure where to go? Check out the official Breakpoint info map for directions. And don't miss out on live updates - be sure to follow them on X - !

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