Taipei HackerHouse [2023]

Our first iteration of our Monstrè Playbands

Introduction Our journey with NFC technology has been a path of constant experimentation and evolution. While we've been involved in various NFC projects, our true standout moment came with the first launch of our wristbands - the Playbands - at the Taipei Hackerhouse.

The Birth of Playbands For quite some time, we grappled with a challenge: making our work known and easily understandable. The idea sparked to integrate NFC into event wristbands, but with a twist. Hence, the Playbands were born, aptly named to reflect our ethos at Monstrè - playfulness and fun.

The Taipei Hackerhouse Activation In collaboration with Superteam, Candypay, Samoyedcoin, and the events team at the Taipei Solana Hackerhouse, we got the opportunity to transform the merchandise redemption process. Attendees could use their Playbands to redeem an exclusive Monstrè x Samoyed collab event tote bag.

Challenges and Learning Our rollout wasn't without its hiccups. The merchandise arrived late, so distribution began only on the third day, meaning only half of the attendees received their Playbands. Furthermore, we underestimated the programming time needed for about 500 attendees and faced challenges in managing an efficient redemption process.

Innovation in Action We also experimented with a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) claim feature through the Playbands. Although initially users could claim POAPs multiple times, this phase was crucial for live troubleshooting and gathering user feedback, propelling us to the next phase of our product development.

Impact and Future Steps Post-launch, we received significant interest from various ecosystem teams and entities looking to integrate our technology into their events. Our Playbands became a recognizable symbol of our brand and innovation. On the flight home, inspired by the feedback and experiences, we began iterating on the V2 of our Playbands.

Conclusion Our first major activation at the Taipei Hackerhouse was not just a launch; it was a leap into a future where our innovations could shine and evolve. As we document this milestone, we invite future clients to see the potential in collaboration and innovation with Monstrè's Playbands.

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