PlayGG at San Diego [2023]

Partnering up with Samoyedcoin and Decaf for a Web3 Gaming Conference in San Diego.

For the first time, we, Monstrè, ventured into powering a Web3 gaming conference/gaming showcase in San Diego. The event, named "PlayGG," was a groundbreaking Solana-organized event where we partnered with the Samoyedcoin team to enhance the experience with our innovative Monstrè Playbands.

This event marked a significant milestone, being the first of its kind to not only captivate crypto natives but also warmly welcome crypto newbies. In an effort to streamline the event experience, we digitized F&B vouchers through our NFC-integrated Playbands. Attendees could enjoy a seamless transaction experience for entree meals, coffee, and ice cream vouchers, embodying a perfect blend of technology and convenience.

For Organizers and Game Teams

Organizers and game teams were equipped with Playbands preloaded with two sets of vouchers, ensuring they could fully enjoy the event's offerings without hassle. This gesture not only facilitated a smoother event operation but also showcased the potential of seamless transaction experiences at such gatherings.

For Attendees

Upon registering, attendees were presented with options to either purchase preloaded Playbands or buy ad-hoc meal tickets at the event via the Decaf's POS [Point of Sale].

This flexibility allowed for a tailored experience, catering to both pre-planned and spontaneous decisions. The Playbands proved to be a revolutionary tool, enabling transactions without the need to carry mobile phones, thus offering a hands-free, worry-free event experience.

Transaction Hotspots

Our analysis revealed that the majority of transactions occurred between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM (San Diego Timezone), peaking at noon. This insight not only helps in planning future events but also underscores the Playbands' role in facilitating high volumes of transactions smoothly and efficiently.

Impact and Future Potential

The use of Monstrè Playbands at PlayGG not only boosted Solana wallet adoption through engaging onboarding initiatives but also fostered retention and satisfaction among attendees. With minimal friction, the Playbands offered an accessible introduction to blockchain technology for first-time users. We envision these Playbands becoming a staple at music festivals, carnivals, and beyond, serving as a multifunctional tool for access control, payments, and collecting digital collectibles/POAPs.

Beyond Just a Payment Method

Monstrè Playbands are not just about making payments seamless; they're about unlocking the full potential of events. They can serve as collectibles, VIP access passes, and a secure check-in/check-out system, all while integrating blockchain technology to enhance the user experience.

This pioneering activation at PlayGG has set the stage for a future where technology and entertainment converge, offering unparalleled experiences to attendees. As we look forward to expanding our horizons, the possibilities are limitless, with Playbands leading the way in revolutionizing how we interact with events and technology.

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