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Q: Which currency is accepted at the Breakpoint? A: We accept payments only in USDC. For those unfamiliar, USDC is a digital currency pegged to the USD. For a deeper dive into USDC, visit: https://www.circle.com/en/usdc

Q: What are the available payment methods? A: Payments can be made using crypto through Solana Pay or with our Venta Playbands that will be available during event check-in. Furthermore, our Venta Playbands allow you to buy digital USDC tokens using debit or credit cards via our on-ramp partner [Unlimit] within the Playbands web-app.

Q: Are there other payment options available? A: Got a Web3 wallet and prefer not using the Playband? No worries! Just use the Solana Pay QR code that will be available at our POS or around the venue. Scan with your Web3 Solana Wallet's in-app scanner, and pay seamlessly with USDC.

Q: Having issues with payment on-ramping via Unlimit on my Playband. What can I do? A: Double-check you're using your personal email and avoid prepaid cards. We suggest on-ramping USDC with your debit card for the smoothest experience. Huge thanks to the Unlimit Team and Solana Foundation for making zero slippage and no service fees possible for all Breakpoint attendees!

Q: How do I self-custody my digital assets post-event? A: Along with every BreakPoint Playband, you'll receive a notecard. This card provides a brief description of how to self-custody your assets.

Q: When am I able to self-custody my digital assets? A: You can only self-custody your assets on the last day of the event. For the other days, this option isn't available. Just top up what you think you'll spend, but don't worry – you can always add more funds if needed!

Q: What if my BreakPoint Playband goes missing? A: While we offer replacements for lost playbands, please note that funds within the original playband cannot be refunded or reimbursed.

Q: Looking to explore Solana wallets? A: Here's a guide to some options you can dive into during the event!

Web3 Wallets: Securely self-custody your digital currency & assets.

  1. Ottr Finance: https://ottr.finance/

Web-based Wallets: No download required - self-custody via socials.

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