How to Top-Up Your Playbands

At Monstrè, we've partnered with Unlimit to provide a streamlined on-ramp process using our Venta Playbands. To check your Playbands balance, simply tap where you see the Venta logo on your phone. This action will launch a web app, displaying your USDC balance and the NFTs you've accumulated during the event.

With the support of Unlimit and Circle, you can easily onramp USDC onto your Playbands using debit or credit cards. We suggest topping up only what you think you'll spend, but rest assured, you can always refill if needed.

For the best experience, use your personal email when signing in. It tends to be more effective for fraud detection than custom domains. Additionally, avoid associating multiple cards with a single email. We advise linking just two cards to the email you use for the Unlimit onramp.

Top up as needed and reload if necessary! Remember, the option to self-custody funds in your Venta Playbands will be available on the last day of Breakpoint.

A massive thank you to the Unlimit Team and the Solana Foundation for ensuring zero slippage and no service fees for all Breakpoint participants! 🚀🎉

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