Tel Aviv Pizza Night [2023]

A partnership activation with BONK.

Our First Web3-Powered Event in Tel Aviv with BONK!

We're thrilled to share insights from our pioneering Web3 event in Tel Aviv, a collaboration with the BONK team. This event marked a significant milestone, featuring the innovative use of BONK Playbands, powered by our advanced NFC technology and software. The Playbands, distributed during the Tel Aviv Hackerhouse, came preloaded with BONK, offering a seamless integration of digital currency into a real-world setting.

A Unique Gathering at the Hackerhouse

BONK hosted an exclusive side event during the Hackerhouse, creating a perfect blend of technology, community, and casual dining. Attendees had the opportunity to relax, network, and enjoy pizza, all facilitated by a simple tap of their BONK Playbands on an Android device. This gesture allowed for effortless payment transactions directly from the Playbands, showcasing the practical application of our technology in everyday interactions.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

Despite the event's success, we encountered some technical challenges, particularly with the transaction signing process. Some users faced error messages when signing transactions, impacting the overall smoothness of the payment experience. The most engaged user of the Playband participated in three separate transactions, highlighting the enthusiasm for the technology despite these initial obstacles.

Streamlining the Experience

In response to these challenges, we've implemented a significant update to enhance user experience and merchant convenience. We've eliminated the need for a transaction signing process, simplifying the payment method. Now, merchants can easily deduct the desired amount from the Playband with just a few taps on the user interface, all thanks to the integration of Solana Pay. This adjustment makes transactions straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring a smoother interaction for both event attendees and merchants.

Looking Ahead

This event not only demonstrated the potential of NFC and Web3 technologies in enhancing event experiences but also provided valuable lessons that have shaped our approach moving forward. We remain committed to refining our technologies and services to better serve our community and partners like BONK.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events that continue to push the boundaries of innovation and community engagement in the Web3 space.

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