Score Big at Solana Summit!

Time to Earn Points and Win Prizes at Solana Summit!

Once you have successfully logged into our Solana Summit Web-App by interacting with your Solana Summit Playbands, you will be able to access everything: the Solana Summit workshop schedules, quest cards, complimentary drinks and official merchandise redemption, points system, and the event schedule.

Score Points by Attending Workshops!

Workshops are vital for any tech conference. How else will you learn more about what the ecosystem teams are working on or how to integrate it with what you're building?

We know this, and we want to reward you for attending! For every check-in at the workshops, you'll earn points. The points you accumulate over these 3 event days will be tracked, and there will be prizes for those with the highest scores. P/S. That's alpha right there, monstres!

Boost Your Points by Answering Quest Cards on the Solana Summit Web-App!

Quest cards are released periodically each day. These new quest cards are carefully curated to give you a deeper understanding of some of our Solana Summit sponsors and ecosystem teams.

Please note that you only have one attempt to answer each question correctly. Correct answers will reward you with points, but wrong answers will make the quest card invalid, and you won't be able to retry.

Have fun and enjoy the event!

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