Distributing StakedJUP via Jupiter Cards (NFC Enabled)

Hey, monstres!

We were briefly in Kuala Lumpur for Solana Summit and had an activation with Jupiter, featuring themed Catdets NFC-integrated cards at the conference.

Here’s how the activation went: The Jupiter team gave away StakedJUP to Catdets, encouraging them to claim their StakedJUP to interact with vote proposals or simply to hold and stake their JUP.

Here’s how you can claim your StakedJUP:

  • Tap or interact with your Catdets card and sign in with your TipLink account if you don't have a mobile wallet.

  • Alternatively, copy and paste your wallet address into the input field to claim it if you have StakedJUP in your mobile wallet.

  • If you have a mobile wallet, click the wallet icon, which will prompt your mobile wallet on your phone, request access, and ask you to sign a transaction (for those who do not have StakedJUP in their mobile wallet account).

  • For those already staking their JUP, simply copy and paste your wallet address to claim the StakedJUP from the Catdets card.

Remember to always use a hot wallet for any form of interaction.

We hope you enjoyed the event. See you soon, monstres!

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