https://x.com/cm_monstre/status/1705210146186731624?s=20Our adventure with Jupiter's integration began in June 2024, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

At the Taipei HackerHouse, we unveiled our playbands, alongside a revolutionary NFC card integration. This innovative feature enabled attendees to effortlessly "tap to swap," allowing them to redeem USDC through a custom NFC card designed by our team. Users could then navigate to Jupiter.io, swap their USDC for SAMO, and use their newly acquired SAMO to purchase coffee or bubble tea directly at the event. This activation proved immensely popular, drawing numerous participants eager to explore this seamless transaction process.

Building on this success, in September 2024, we extended our educational outreach to Kuala Lumpur.

Collaborating with Superteam Malaysia and APUBCC University, we introduced a class of students to the intricacies of Jupiter integration with Solana Pay. The session went beyond just teaching about Jupiter integrations; we delved into the platform's exact out feature.

This powerful tool enables merchants to utilize Solana Pay, allowing community members to transact in their preferred tokens. With the exact out feature, volatile tokens or SPL tokens can be automatically swapped to USDC, providing merchants with stability and ease in settlements.

This effort showcased our dedication to equipping people with the skills and resources they need to confidently explore the web3 realm. It also provided students with inspiration for projects to develop for the Grizzlython.

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